Friday, May 4, 2018

3D Modeling and Design

2nd Revisions of the DESKBOT Buddies Series

Added some new details and kitbashed a few parts to push the silohuotte.

HOTSEAT - Deskbot Buddy No.3

LONGSHOT - Deskbot Buddy No. 2

RONIN - Deskbot Buddy No.1

1st RENDER Pass

Here are my DeskBot Buddies concept toy design series. Still WIP but wanted to share the early stage of developent. Stage 2 will be making it 3D print ready so stay tuned...

War Pig Bot (4 of 5)

Police Bot Series (3 of 5)

Double Trouble Bot (3 of 5)

Spider Bot (1 of 5)

Digital Sculpting using Zbrush
Here are my very first attempts of sculpting digitally, designing a few props and head busts I made along the way and ever since I discovered what I can create from just one polysphere, I became a fan ever since then.

Vehicle Sketches - Concept and Design
Here are just a few sketches and daily doodles that are in the process
of being modeled in 3D.

Interior Sketching (Line work)